Choose A Painting Company

Choose a Painting Company


Protect your Homeowners and your community! Know what to ask so you can choose a painting company that is right for your next residential or commercial paint project. Not properly qualifying potential vendors and contractors is the second most common complaint from HOA Boards to property management companies.

Questions You Must Ask in Order to Properly Screen, Qualify and Select Your Painting Contractor


  • How long have they been in business and do they have experience and systems specifically for working with HOA’s?
  • Do they use a Web communication application that tracks and informs homeowners of job status updates and progress?
  • Are they readily available to you when you need them?
  • Are they currently bonded, licensed and insured, including workman’s comp?
  • Is their insurance policy sufficient for the size of your project?
  • Do they have a scheduled follow up inspection and maintenance plan?
  • Do they have highly credible HOA references and testimonials?
  • Do they use only reputable sub-contractors when needed?
  • Do they stand behind their work?
  • Do they have the resources to begin and complete the project on time?
  • Are they members of their industry organizations and associations (in addition to CAI & CACM)?
  • Do they offer options and flexibility for phasing/ pricing of your project as well as assist with HOA financing if needed or required?
  • Are they painting industry experts that have a letter recognizing them as an approved expert resource for the Contractors State Licensing Board?


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