Color plays a bigger part in our daily lives than we may realize. Our perceptions of our surroundings constantly change due to the way color affects us on an emotional or personal level. It’s simple, we respond to what we like. Because of that, choosing colors can be tricky and the more people involved in

8 Tips to Being a Great Listener

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Communication is a two-way street. It’s one thing to speak well, but there is true art in listening well. We all view ourselves as good listeners, yet in all honesty most of us could use some improvement. A truly great listener has become a rare gift. It helps build relationships, resolve issues, enhance understanding, end

The Inconvenience of Exercise

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We all know exercise is a necessity. Everything and everyone tells us so.  But how do we fit it in along with work, family, kids, etc. etc.  Lifestyles are increasingly busy, time is scarce and motivation generally lags. Have you been there? Nobody exercises because it’s comfortable or convenient. It just doesn’t happen – it’s not in our nature. We do

In this day and age, email is one of those necessary evils. There is constant chatter about how much of a time water Social Media is, but let’s not forget how emails can suck the life and time from your day. Often, it’s our emails that make us feel like we’re struggling to keep our

Come alive. It’s a brand new day. The team at We Care Heating and Air in Murrieta starts every morning with a cheer: I’m Alive I’m Awake And I Feel Great! This is a culture, an environment that they are passionate about. Rise and shine! Start the day full of enthusiasm and vigor. So, what

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Anytime you are overseeing a project, whether painting, repair, minor construction or major renovation, stress creeps up! Even to seasoned HOA Managers! Yes, really. Did you know that stress wasn’t “discovered” until the late 1950’s? Not sure what it was called or chalked up to before that, but it stress as we know it wasn’t

Many jobs today, including HOA managers, often work from a home office. When your office is in a commercial or office building, you generally have less distraction and the office is set up … like, well and office. Desk, office chair, guest chair, maybe bookcase, pictures on the wall. Sometimes the luxury of a mini-fridge

We all know color plays a big part in our daily lives. There are likely thousands of studies explaining how the colors we surround ourselves with impact our moods and mental well-being. Warm colors, such as red, yellow and orange, spark emotions ranging from excitement and joy to hostility and anger. These colors also make

We’ve all heard horror stories. As a property manager (or a homeowner), your property is important to you. You obviously want it to be equally important to the contractor you hire whether plumber, electrician, builder, or painter. And it can be tough to find a quality service professional who can meet the requirements you need.

HOA Cost-Saving Opportunities As most homeowners associations struggle with tight budgets, the onset of the rainy season can bring cost-saving opportunities. The construction and painting companies that maintain your properties tend to be less busy in winter and spring than in the summer and fall. How does this benefit you? Many contractors will have better