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Color Consultant & Design Services

What is a color consultant? Just as it sounds, a color consultant is a color specialist that offers guidance to clients when choosing color schemes for their homes or offices.

The color consultants at PacWest Paint, Inc. can help you choose colors, paints and finishes that match your taste, reflect a mood you desire or simply enhance your property for potential buyers or tenants. Whether you are a homeowner, property manager or real estate agent, PacWest makes the color-choosing process simple and painless.

Why A Color Consultant is Important

Color consulting is not just a matter of breezing through countless color swatches and envisioning a living or working space painted in different colors. At PacWest we pride ourselves in the consultation process itself by walking our clients through the following:

  • Initial interview
  • Assess elements
  • Define goals
  • Review color and materials
  • Discuss pros/cons of different materials
  • Recommend painting techniques and remodeling materials
  • Hand pick colors with client

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