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Graffiti Removal - Anti-Graffiti Coating Contractor

The industrial coating contractors at PacWest Painting, Inc. understand that vandalism, in the form of graffiti, can deface the professional look of a commercial building instantly. Therefore, it is important to begin the task of graffiti removal right away. Removing graffiti promptly can help to discourage further acts of vandalism on the same property—let PacWest help restore and protect your damaged paint!

Types of Anti-Graffiti Coatings

Is there such a thing as graffiti prevention? Yes, there is.  Anti-graffiti coatings prevent spray paint (aerosol paint) from sticking to surfaces which can save business owners a lot of money in re-painting costs.

Here are some common types of anti-graffiti coatings:

  • Sacrificial Coatings – These coatings form a clear, protective barrier over the surface that can easily be removed by using a high-pressure washer.
  • Semi-Sacrificial Coatings – Sometimes called “safety shields” acts as a penetrating sealer that protects the surface pores. This type of coating can be removed with a combination of solvents and pressure-washing.
  • Permanent Coatings – These coatings create a protective surface that aerosol paints cannot bond to. In most cases all that is needed to remove paint from a vandalized surface is a basic solvent (toluene).

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